Feels just right.

Imagine feeling firmly supported and gently cushioned in all of the right places. Not too hot, not too cold — just right all night. That’s how you’ll feel when you sleep on a Slumber Solutions® Select mattress.

Three thicknesses.

10″, 12″ and 14″ profiles now available!

The optimal bed height allows you to sit comfortably on the edge with your feet flat on the ground. However, some people just prefer the look of a taller or shorter mattress. In either case, be sure to measure the height of your bed frame and add that to the mattress thickness to determine the optimal height for you.

One comfort option.

No need to stress over which comfort option is right for you. Our unique NRGel® memory foam is both conforming and resilient so it responds to your body to provide optimal support and pressure relief in every position. 


No fluff. Just a great quality mattress.

Extra layers of foams, cushioning materials and coils do not make a mattress better. In fact, these “comfort” materials often shift or break down causing your mattress to sag or develop craters. That’s why we keep it simple and use only high-grade foams designed to maintain their integrity and deliver exceptional sleep.

Slumber Solutions Select mattress cutaway


High-density NRGel® memory foam
Gently supports every curve of your body while relieving painful pressure points and keeping you at your ideal temperature all night.


High-performance support foam
Increases comfort by enhancing conformance and support.


Durable foam base
Provides structure and stability so your mattress works with a variety of bed bases.


Built-in edge rails
Provide a sturdy seating edge, extend your sleeping space and keep you from rolling out of bed.

NRGel versus traditional memory foam

Slumber Solutions® Select features the latest in foam technologies. NRGel delivers all of the benefits of memory foam, without the heat or sinking feeling.

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